Our Services

St Mary’s Centre provides a range of services for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. You can access one or all of our services depending on your needs.

Our services are available for men, women and children and young people. They include:

Immediate Crisis Support
Forensic Medical Examination
Access to Emergency Contraception
Sexual Health Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections
Access to counselling support for as long as you need it
Access to an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor to provide support through any court action taken
A 24 hour advice and information line 061 276 6515

Click here if you want to refer a child to our service

Click here for our adult A+E Algorithm

Click here ito see a copy of the St Mary’s SARC Genital Warts Pathway

You can access St Mary’s Centre services either via Police or you can contact us directly. You can also be referred to our services through another agency as long they have your consent.

If you report your assault to the Police, you should automatically be offered the St Mary’s Centre’s services as part of their response to sexual violence.

You can use our services without making a report to the Police or we can support you if and when you do what to speak to the Police.