Report abuse if you suspect it

If you suspect your child or someone else’s child has been a victim of sexual abuse then you must report it to the police or social services. If your child or a child you know discloses any form of sexual abuse, you can call the police and ask for the Child Protection Team and they will send a specially trained officer to visit you.

It is important to provide a safe environment for the child where they can talk to you or another trusted adult. Try to remember to:

  • Listen to them and don’t ask for details.
  • Believe what they are saying.
  • Allow them to say what they feel and cry when they want to cry.
  • Keep calm and reassure them.
  • Don’t make any promises you can’t keep – like saying you won’t tell anyone or that nothing will happen to the abuser.
  • Take care of yourself, hearing a child discuss what has happened to them can be distressing, speak to a professionally trained counsellor so you can fully support the child.