What happens if I make a report to the Police?

Your initial call will usually be taken by a specially trained police officer who has received training in helping people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. They will want some information about what has happened to you and some basic details like your name and address. You may be in distress and it is important to try and be calm so they can get help to you as quickly as possible.

A specially trained police officer will then meet with you face to face as soon as possible and ask you what has happened and look at the circumstances of the assault. They will make a note of everything you say and make sure you get the right support and information quickly.

They will offer you the choice of an appointment for you to attend the St Mary’s Centre so that we can assess your medical needs and collect any forensic medical evidence that could be used in an investigation.

The examination that takes place at the St Mary’s Centre is conducted as part of the police investigation into a criminal offence. The police may also need to gather other evidence. This might come from where the assaulted took place. If the offender has been apprehended they may take medical evidence from him or any other relevant people or places.

The police may also want to interview you in order to take a full account of what happened and under what circumstances. You can provide this as a written statement or using a video recording. The police will discuss this with you, but the decision is yours. Our sexual violence advisor can support you through this interview, which can take place at the St Mary’s Centre if that is what you want.