Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors, (ISVAs), are a team of support workers who can assist and support you in the weeks and months after an assault.

ISVAs will support you if your case has been taken up by the police or goes to court. They will help and support you through the criminal justice system from start to finish and following the court case.

Your ISVA will provide you with information so that you can make the right decisions for you.They will liaise with the Police, Crown Prosecution Service lawyers and the courts to ensure you are kept informed at all times.

Everyone who attends Saint Mary’s SARC will be offered support from an ISVA who will normally contact you within five days of your attendance.They will answer any questions you might have and they can attend court with you if that is what you want.

The service provided includes:

  • Initial assessment of the support that you need
  • Drawing up of a care plan, involving other partner agencies if required
  • Confidential and impartial advice that is not linked to the police
  • Regular and on-going telephone contact, face to face meetings and support either at SARC or perhaps near where you live.
  • Help with advice on housing issues and other agencies to support your needs
  • Detailed understanding of the court process and the criminal justice system
  • Attendance with you at any police interviews or court proceedings
  • Liaison between you, the police, the CPS and barristers acting on your behalf
  • Emotional support and guidance with you and your family if required
  • Support in reporting your assault to the police if you first came as a self referral
  • Assistance with Criminal Injuries Compensation

MFT Strategy

Please find a link to our NHS Manchester Foundation Trust Strategy here

What the MFT Values and Strategy means for you when you work with your ISVA:

  • We will listen to you, what your goals and needs are and build a support plan with you at the centre.
  • Your ISVA will work collaboratively with you, and others, to make sure that you receive the right support for your health and wellbeing.
  • We will explain our policies and procedures to you including safeguarding and confidentiality.
  • We are a service for everyone.
  • We will monitor the feedback you choose to provide us of your experience, including any service outcomes, with the aim to close any gaps identified in the service.
  • We will continue to strengthen our existing partnerships at all levels to improve our clients experience in the future.
  • We will explain how we use anonymous data to continue our pioneering research and development within services for people who have experience sexual abuse.  
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